January 2003

From the East


I am honored to have been chosen to serve our Lodge and the community as your Worshipful Master. There is a great pleasure in fellowship that comes with being in service to others. I believe that it is fraternities like ours that help to mold and define our society. Let's continue to welcome the new Brothers and visitors and cherish the wisdom and good company of our older Brothers and Past Masters.

I look forward to the New Year with officers who are excited about the challenges ahead as they face them with fresh ideas and energy. You are good men with whom it is a blessing to be friends.

I ask the brethren to keep our military personnel in their prayers as they continue to go into harms way in defense of our Liberties and those ideals, which we hold sacred.

In Search of Further Light,
James B. Reedy
Worshipful Master


Freemasonry is "veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols" because these are the surest way by which moral and ethical truths may be taught. It is not only with the brain and with the mind that the initiate must take Freemasonry but also with the heart.
C. H. Claudy

Calendar of Events January 2003

Jan 1st Eastern Star Meeting 7:30 PM.
Jan 3rd Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM

Jan 5th E.O.S and O.E.S. Dinner Noon - 2:00 PM.

Jan 6th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Jan 10th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Jan 13th Stated Communication 7:30 PM
Jan 15th Eastern Star Meeting 7:30 PM.
Jan 17th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Jan 20th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Jan 24th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Jan 27th Stated Communication 7:30 PM
Jan 31st Practice


From the Secretary's Desk


Congratulations to Brother William "Bill" P. Pysnack as the newest Brother of Elmer O. Smith. Brother Bill was Initiated into the Fraternity Monday December 16, 2002. Also congratulations to Brothers Will Jarvis and Drew Whitehouse, who were Raised to the Sublime Degree of Master Mason on Monday December 2, 2002. We had good attendance at both of the Degrees and enjoyed fun and fellowship afterwards.

A special thanks to R.W. Brother Tom Cox, of Gulf Beach Lodge, who presented our Lodge with a replica of the "point within a circle", which he crafted. He also did a very fine job of presenting the Lecture for Brother Pysnack's Degree.

Congratulations to those elected to serve the Lodge in the forthcoming year. I am looking forward to serving with them, and persevering to improve our standing within the community and continuing to refine the ritual work of our Lodge.

An update from last month, we actually sponsored eight families with twenty-five children for Thanksgiving. Well done my Brothers and Sisters. Brother Dale Thomas' project of Thanksgiving in the Lodge was also successful. All who attended had a very pleasant time. Next year we will begin planning much earlier.
We still have about 40% of the Brothers who have not paid their dues for 2003. We have two major payments (annual return and insurance) due in a very short time. Please check your dues cards and if you haven't paid your dues, please do so.

Art Markowitz

The Chaplains Corner

I want to take this opportunity to thank those of you who helped me during this past year with funerals, sound Masonic advice, and for the trust you put in me to act as Chaplain.
As I get to know each of you more closely and observe your works, both in and out of the lodge, I begin to see how very much I missed while being away from Masonry for 26 years.

"Some people strengthen the society just by being the kind of people they are."
J.W.Gardner Founder of Common Cause.

Terry D. Farnsworth, Chaplain


 Worshipful Brother Lee Griffith and Brother Frank Westberry display the wreath Frank's wife Patty made and donated to the Lodge. It is decorated in colors of the parade, red, white and blue.


 WB Danny Robinson presented all these toys to Patty Van Alstine of Family Continuity Programs, Inc. They work with children who have been removed from their homes for various reason. Merry Christmas Kids!

Toys and certificates were also presented to the Girls Club, City of Pinellas Park. We supported the same eight families as we did for Thanksgiving. We also donated stuffed animals to the Pinellas Park Police Department to be used when they work with children in an emergency situation.


WB Danny Robinson presenting gifts and certificates to be presented to three families the Lodge was sponsoring.



 Fried Turkey being prepared by a smoking turkey (Brother Frank Westberry)


 Smoking that turkey!


 Brother Dale Thomas and his Dad Ernie carving the fried turkey


 Setting up and getting ready to eat.



 Worshipful Brother Danny Robinson presents the food and certificates to Fran Barnes from Pinellas Park City Hall for one family  Worshipful Brother Danny presents the food and certificates for four families to Betty Crames, Executive Director at Pinellas Park Girls Club.


 Brother William B. Nungester of Ft. Amanda Lodge Number 706 F & A M of Ohio was presented his 50 Year Pin and Certificate. Worship-ful Master Carl Lewis presented the pin and certificate prior to opening Lodge, so Brother Bill's wife could be there for the presentation. Brother Nungester was accorded Public Grand Honors. Brother Bill expressed his appreciation for the presentation and allowing his wife to be present for the ceremony.


 Worshipful Brother Ronald Howard Snyder

Initiated December 18, 1972

Passed February 5, 1973

Raised March 5, 1973

Twenty Five Year Pin - March 5, 1998

Worshipful Master - 1980

Passed to the Grand Lodge On High December 10, 2002



 Elden E. Adameit PM

 Edward K. Montgomery

 Henton D. Simmons

 Charles Eisman

 Vincent L. Morgan

 Steven S. Smith

 Terry D. Farnsworth

 Daniel R. Morgan PM

 Clarence W. Sprecher

 Michael E. Gaskins

 Raymond D. Paine Sr. PM

 Alton R. Turner

 Marion B. Held

 Earl P. Rogers

 Bruce L. Ward PM

 Craig A. Jasper

 Douglas B. Sattler

 Timothy L. Wolfe

 Kenneth J. Lane

 Jerry D. Schenck

 Edward E. Wynn

 Joseph F. Long Sr.

 Alan E. Schreiber Jr.

 Stephen E. Wynn


My Brothers and Sisters, once again your generosity demonstrates that of faith, hope and charity, charity is the greatest of all and you've learned your Masonic lessons well. We raised over $1,200 in cash and certificates and received a substantial amount of food and gifts for or Holiday programs (both Thanksgiving and Christmas). Eight families and 25 children had happy holidays. Additionally, a large number of needy children received gifts. The Lodge Officers of 2002 SALUTE YOU, and the Lodge Officers of 2003 pray we will receive your continued support. So Mote it be!