October 2002

From the East


The Right Reverend Henry C. Potter, Bishop, in the Episcopal Church of New York sent out a letter in 1901. I would like to share a part of it with you.

" Freemasonry, however, is in my view of it, a great deal more than a mutual benefit association. In one sense, wild and extravagant as the words may sound, it is the most remarkable and altogether unique institution on earth. Will you tell me of any other that girdles the world with its fellowship and gathers all races and the most ancient religions, as well as our own into its brotherhood? Under such circumstances, fellowship in it should be regarded, more and more, as a sacred privilege, for which our best youth should be trained."

It is more true to day then in 1901 that we need to go out to the world with what we have found in freemasonry. We need to work in our cities and towns to be a part of that which is good in the world.

In Search of Further Light,
Carl W. Lewis
Worshipful Master

 Notice Friday night Practice and catechism instruction will resume being held at our Lodge on ALL FRIDAYS

Calendar of Events October, 2002

Oct 4th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Oct 6th E.O.S and O.E.S. Dinner Noon - 2:00 PM. "Roast Beef"
Oct 7th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Oct 11th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Oct 14th Stated Communication 7:30 PM
Oct 18th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Oct 21st Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Oct 25th Practice (Catechism Instruction Available) 7:30 PM
Oct 28th Stated Communication 7:30 PM

From the Secretary's Desk

Congratulations and Welcome to Brothers William (Will) Jarvis and Andrew (Drew) Whitehouse. Thanks to our Brothers and the Brothers from Daylight Lodge who attended their Initiation.

Our Labor Day picnic was very successful. We had over 100 people attend, including visitors from the Masonic Home. Brother Terry Farnsworth had to make a run to Publix for addition supplies to feed all our guests. We were having such a good time, we stayed latter then 2:30 PM visiting and chatting. Thanks to all those that participated and a special Thanks to those who brought additional goodies (I enjoyed them).

Our Holiday projects still need your support. We are collecting food for the needy. Please bring in non-perishable items each time you come to Lodge between now and Thanksgiving. If you would like to make a cash donation please mail a check to the Lodge and annotate for food fund. We are also collecting NEW toys for needy children. Please bring in a new toy or make a donation to the toy fund.

We still need Brothers and Sister to participate in the Child ID program scheduled for Saturday November 9, 2002 from 10 AM to 2:30 PM.

A final reminder will be sent to those members who have not paid their dues for 2002. The dues notice for 2003 will be going out this month. Remember the dues for 2003 will be $46.35. There will be an update form included with the dues notice. Please complete and return so we can update the Lodge's records.

Brother Art Markowitz

The Chaplains Corner
"Some Day"

We have all said it and meant it at the time. "Some day" I want to go out west or "Some day" I'm going to go to Alaska, or take music lessons, or learn to play tennis, buy a boat, etc., etc.

Unfortunately for many of us that "Some day" never came and as a result of age, physical, or financial changes in our short lives, never will.

Please don't let "Some day" I will start going to the lodge again be added to your list of regrets and disappointments. We miss you and your presence at the lodge is needed now.

When the lodge next meets please don't say "Some day" I will go, say instead today I will go.
Please come and support and be supported by your Brother Masons.

Terry D. Farnsworth, Chaplain

A source of light, or of darkness?

We create our own reality. What we expect from life is what we receive. If we expect and look for the trouble, disagreement, and negativity in situations that is what we are sure to find. If however, we expect and look for the good, cooperative, and positive outcomes in situations that is what we will experience.

Life cannot, and does not always go smoothly. We cannot appreciate the good times and the joys that life brings without the rough times and the sadness that must cross our path on occasion. It is our response to these times that defines who we are.

Yes, there are problems in every Lodge. Yes, we do not always agree with, or get along with each other. This has always been, and always will be. But we cannot be negative about these difficulties. Our negative thoughts are like a cancer, which spreads and weakens us, and those around us, emotion-ally, physically, and spiritually.
It is easy to fall into the trap of negativity or darkness. But, with effort on our part, and the assistance of the Great Architect of the Universe, we can instead choose to open our eyes to the Light. My Brothers, that Light is Brotherly Love. Love is being positive and expecting the best life has to offer. Love is knowing that, although our human frailties will result in disagreement, where there is hope and understanding, there can be the peace and harmony to work together towards a common goal.

So, for the sake of the Fraternity and our well-being, we are urged us to make the commitment to change our lives, to become a source of Masonic Light, that, like the Sun in the heavens, all the world can see.

By Rev. Dr. James M. Floyd Jr. Evergreen Lodge No. 713 F. & A. M. of Indiana

Fun and Fellowship at our Labor Day Picnic





Worshipful Brother James L. Marshall
Recieves 55-Year Pin and Certificate

Worshipful Brother Marshall is a native of Florida. He was Raised in St. Petersburg Lodge No. 139 on September 23, 1947. He affiliated with Elmer O. Smith Lodge No. 307 on March 24, 1952. He served as Worshipful Master in 1955. He received his 50 Year Pin October 13, 1997. He is a Charter Member of Elmer O. Smith Lodge No. 307.




Brother Marvin J. Andre'

..........Initiated July 30, 1965

..........Passed September 20, 1965

..........Raised November 15, 1965

..........25-Year Pin November 15, 1990

Passed to the Grand Lodge On High September 9, 2002

Celebration of Life
Happy Birthday

 James W. Adameit

 James B. Holton

 John D. Peeler

 Kenneth O. Bennett

 Fredrick Kalkbrenner Jr.

 Edward W. Reichert

 Emory G. Brantley

 James M. Legge.

 Clifford Rivers

 Charles E. Frame

 Peter E. Leousis.

 Tyler B. Sheff

 William B. Garrett Jr. PM

 John H. Michael.

 George W. Snoody

 Curtis L. Gheen

 Milan T. Ninis.

 F. Ed Street PM

 Thomas L. Graham

 .Arlie Owens II

 Gerald E. Szabo



The HONOR/MEMORIAL WALL is slowly growing, We currently have sold 11 plaques, raising $1,100 for our Lodge. A plaque may be purchased in HONOR OF (silver) or in MEMORY OF (gold) for $100. A Plaque may be purchased for a Masonic Brother or Sister. They can also be purchased for a family member or friend. To purchase a plaque contact the secretary.