Grand Lodge Wrap-up


The 174th Annual Grand Communication which opened on May 25, 2003 came to a successful finish on May 28, 2003.


Below are the changes that have been adopted at the Grand Lodge communication this year:


1. Resolution for Plural members to be eligible for perpetual membership in their Plural Lodge and for monies paid to the Plural Lodge for an Honorary Perpetual Membership may be credited toward the purchase of a Perpetual membership.


2. Resolution for a brother that holds a valid membership in a Florida Lodge to petition a Plural Lodge regardless of any actions taken by his home Lodge with regard to Plural membership.


3. Resolution to allow Lodge Finance Committee to consist of the Senior Warden and up to six members, with one being a Past Master of the Lodge.


4. Resolution to issue a Brown Proficiency Card for a period of 10 years.


5. Resolution to require satisfactory examination upon the catechism of all Three Degrees in order to be permanently presented a lambskin apron.


6. Resolution to allow the use of the minimum necessary funds from the principal and accumulated income of the Masonic Home Endowment Funds to meet the 2003-2004 Masonic Home Budget.


7. Resolution that the Investment income remaining after the 75% that is considered expandable income shall first be added to an emergency operating reserve fund, the total of said fund is not to exceed the previous two years of investment income needed to fund the budget, the remainder to be added to the principal.


8. Resolution for 10% of the residents monthly excess income over maintenance cost be deposited in the residents personal account and 90% of the excess be deposited in the residents Trust Fund.


9. Resolution to change the age requirement for eligibility to apply for admission to the Masonic Home of Brothers becoming a member of a Florida Lodge to 70 years.


10. Resolution to allow admission for residency in the Masonic Home on a monthly fee schedule and that the resident would not be obliged to convey any of his property interest to the Grand Lodge except for monthly fees. 


11. Resolution for the per capita tax to be increased to $10.00 in 2004, $12.00 in 2005 and to $14.00 in 2006 and thereafter.


12. Resolution to allow Lodges to hold fund raising events and solicit the public for such events, off the Lodge property and under the qualifications and rules of the Florida Department of Agriculture's Solicitation Act.


This information provided Courtesy of Gulf Beach Lodge No.291 F. & A. M